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You were so condescending.

27 August
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(500) days of summer, amy and rory, amélie, anime, are you my mummy?, argyle, arrested development, asian markets, baked goods, barsuk records, ben gibbard, black and white photography, blacking out the friction, bob & charlotte, bubble tea, chuck klosterman, coffee, computers, cowboy bebop, darjeeling tea, death cab for cutie, doctor who, domo-kun, dream of evan&chan, educating the masses, england, ff7, fireplaces, flcl, foreign films, fresh cut grass, fruits basket, futon revolutionists, futurama, girlpants, hardcover books, hey mercedes, hipstamatic, hipster bingo, indie film, indie rock, instagram, irony, japanese, jimmy eat world, john roderick, johnny foreigner, julian barratt, kexp, kuro+hedwig, last exile, last.fm, los campesinos!, lost in translation, love hina, mail, megatokyo, mix cds, mix tapes, moleskines, movies, music, nada surf, naruto, nature, neon genesis evangelion, nerdy things, nerdy video podcasts, never mind the buzzcocks, ninjas, noel fielding, october days, office supplies, old school blink-182, old school diaryland users, paper lanterns, photo booths, photography, pirates, playstation 2, polaroids, postal service, procrastination, rainy days, rilo kiley, rum and coke, rurouni kenshin, sarcasm, scarves and sweaters, seattle, simon amstell, skins, staedtler, stars (the band), sumomo+antarctica, sweaters, tea with honey, teh interwebs, ten and rose, the crocodile, the daily show, the get up kids, the long winters, the mighty boosh, the postal service, the royal tenenbaums, the thermals, the weakerthans, thunderstorms, time and space, vodka and cranberry juice, wikipedia, witty repartee., writing, xkcd, , とらドラ, 日本語


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